A Fan Personal Thoughts On Peter of P-Square.

It’s great to see p square back together but reading from the rants of Peter I couldn’t resist commenting on few facts. Firstly, Peter’s outburst indicated how immature he really is. A man who doesn’t have control over his anger will turn rivers into oceans. Peter went on disclosing very private information about their business and operations in reaction to the disagreement with his brothers. Notwithstanding that, he was observed to be frequently making hasty decisions by hiring a new manager, starting things off on his own, all of which was done in public eyes.


Peter admittedly only has 30% capability in writing music. Meaning for 70% of the time, he relies on his brother Paul to piggyback him. Yet Peter cowardly choose money over family at the expense of his elder brother and manager, whom he desperately wanted to get rid of simply because he didn’t want to share the spoils of their collective success. So Peter gave his much talented brother Paul an ultimatum, that Paul must abandon their leader brother otherwise he was leaving the group. Now that’s comical because here’s Peter who only writes 30% of the music and yet demanding his elder brother to be sacked from the management position. Paul could replace Peter in a second because there’re countless artists out there who can write better than 30% and perform much better than Peter so Peter had no grounds to make such outrageous demands of his multi-talented brother Paul. As a result the group came to a hault, and to make matters worst Peter came out onto social media with blazing accusations against his brothers. What a shame that people are now aware of how greedy Peter truly is, because the temporary breakdown of the group is all about money. Was all about Peter’s greed to not share their wealth with this elder brother.


This incident has also shown us what a kind hear-ted man Paul truly is, he stood by his elder brother because he knows that blood is thicker than water. Let’s hope that Peter learnt from his brother Paul and continues to value family over money from here on.


We are happy for the reunification and pray that it continues on a positive note but the truth must be told and used as a learning opportunity for all.


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