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The Bible says do not ignorance of the devices of the devil. The key strategy of the devil is deception and if we are truthful to ourselves is strongest in Europe. I am not sentimental here but as an intercessor to the nations I can’t handle this alone and I trust that WE can-lets cry for Europe.  Pastors in tomorrow worship lead your congregation to pray for Europe: those who brought bibles to us but don’t bother to read them anymore, churches are now sold out to be use as warehouses,  policies that outrightly oppose the word of God is happening freely over there. Most indigenous Europeans do not believe in God,  Christ or even in the existence of the devil, how will the devil not feel safe there.

The devil can’t feel safe in Africa where we organize meeting just to bind him,  No,  No he can’t feel safe here!

Do you think the devil can relax when people here are so aware that he is around?  When songs are composed and chanted against him by thousand of people, trust me,  Satan feels threatened in Africa.

I am not saying Africa is the best continent, we have leadership problems no doubt but we can handle the devil and his devices better than Europeans.

Therefore,  it is my plea that we pray for the restoration of Europe, remember your children and love ones go there for studies and vacation.


What do you think about this?

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