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One can get Zika virus through mosquitoes. The most common symptoms of zika virus deceases are; jointpain, rash, conjunctivitis (red eyes) and fever. The Zika virus was first discovered in the 1940’s, and many did not hear of it until now.

Zika -Mosquito Bites

Zika -Mosquito Bites

Zika is not a new virus, but recently health specialist have taken it seriously. It came about in 1947.

Electron Micrograph Of Zika Virus

Electron Micrograph Of Zika Virus

Some countries have been affected by the Zika virus, especially in brazil where it affected more than a million, through mosquito bites.

The virus is commonly found in Central America and the Caribbean. It can spread further if nothing is done to to protect it from spreading.

The disease is spread by mosquitoes bites and not from one person to another.And its mostly carried by a specified mosquito called Aedes Aegypti

Zika Viru - What it does to the Skin

Zika Viru – What it does to the Skin

Is there a cure for zika virus?

No specified cure for virus yet because it wasn’t a big deal before now  and it wasn’t taken seriously so nothing much was done about it. But currently, research has been going on,so as to find the cure for the virus.

The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO), made it known to researchers to generate or develop a vaccine for the virus, while the findings for the cure is on.

Let us unite as one to kick out the thing called the ZIKA VIRUS, before it spreads further. In the affected countries, try to make use of  A treated Mosquito Net and keep your surrounding clean.


The ZIKA Virus is not yet in the Continent Of Africa and we Pray it doesn’t get this this part of the World.

Kudos to the Researchers, Scientists and all round Medical Practitioners who are doing their very best to make sure they kick Zika Virus out of Central America and the World.

Stay clean because Health is Wealth.

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