When He Comes- Compass For Today!!!

TOPIC: When He comes


TEXT: Rev. 22:12

Daily compass

Daily compass

‘They are no longer two but one..’; ‘there’s a friend that sticks closer than a brother’…bible verse as these encourages us to get into good relationships. As important as it is to have good people around, it’s also important to have a personal identity.

Have personal reasons for doing things. ¬†Have a motivation that rises from your inside. Have a sound personal relationship with Christ. Do things because YOU want to do them, not because THEY say you should do them. When Christ comes, He’ll reward you as a person. ‘….to give to EVERY man according to his deeds.’.

His reward isn’t for a group, or family…it is for every man. You have yours and I have mine. Therefore, on that day, ensure you are fully responsible for the reward you get. Don’t be tossed up and down, have a stable personal life. When Christ comes, He’ll relate with you as a person. Shalom!

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