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One of the fact that must be confirm In a relationship is how well you know that fellow,  and that determines how strong your relationship is. This principle bring peace and respect in the family, work place and environment.

The more you know the fellow the more you will be conscious of offending them. It is important that you take out time to know more about your spouse, boss and your environment and with that PEACE IS GUARANTEED.

Relationship Tips!!!
Relationship Tips!!!

Study what makes them happy/excited/sad and with that we assure you of a perfect relationship…


*You must know your partner very well .

*You must be able to read your partner like a book.

*You must be able to complete each sentence of your partner, this prove proves how well you know that person.

* You must know how to calm your partner down when he or she is mad

* You must appreciate every little thing they do.

* Never allow the word ” sorry, please, forgive me, i will try not to repeat it again, i love you, i cherish you, i appreciate you, you are God sent, God apart you are my life, you rock my word, you are my sunshine, i can’t live without you, you come first in my life God apart, you are the real reason of my existence, i can’t imagine life without you in it, etc, to seize from your lips or mouth.

To every relationship under Storm,  in the mighty name of Jesus I command PEACE BE STILL…  AMEN

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