Shocking News- Gay Couples Jason & Alex Discovers they are Twin Brothers In New Jersey!!!

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Jason and Alex- The Gay Twin Brothers

Jason and Alex- The Gay Twin Brothers


Jason and Alex have been lovers since two years ago and are getting along very well until they discovered the shocking news of their life this year.


Jason and Alex met each other two years ago in a modelling events in New York and have since become  glued to one another.



But these couples were always teased by close friends and family members, calling them twin brothers because the look- alike.


They also teased them and asking them to go for a DNA test. But those teasing them about going for a DNA test were actually joking and never meant it.


They were only teasing them because of they look so much alike, calling them cousins.

Jason and Alex

Jason and Alex


One day the couple decided to get it done and over with, so they went for the DNA test but got the most shocking news of their life when the result of the DNA test came out.


Lo and behold, they were Brothers. They were actually “THE LONG LOST TWIN BROTHERS”.


” I never expected the result to come out positive” because deep down my heart i knew we weren’t brothers let alone “twin brothers”. He lamented with tears in his eyes.


I never knew that the man i wanted to spend the rest of my life with is actually ” My Long Lost Twin Brother ” and i’m confused right now because i don’t know if i should jump up with joy or cry,” say  Jason.




Alex on the other hand is sad about the news and he refuse to talk with his lover Jason. He even threatened to turn “Heterosexual” ie – Having a sexual relationship or being attracted with the opposite sex.


Saying he wants to leave a normal life like everyone else.



At first Jason disregarded the news of the DNA test result when it came out. Until he confronted his parents and they finally let told him the truth that he was not their biological son but an adopted son.


I just discovered that my gay lover is my twin brother and i was adopted by my parents and my parents have been lying to me all my life. What a way to celebrate my 25th birthday. “I wished we we didn’t go for that DNA test-  says Jason.



The twin brothers were separated at birth and was adopted by different families, though they didn’t know of this until the DNA test was conducted.



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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. harhar

    February 23, 2016 at 5:27 AM

    Lol laughed when I saw this post actually. Its totally fake. I follow them on instagram @k2brothers. Their names are actually Alex and Charlie Kotze. They’re related, always knew they were related, and work together as models.

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