Save The Naira!!!

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Presently in Nigeria, our naira has deteriorated to zero percentage in Africa and the world at large. The Nigerian currency has become so useless that one can’t get something useful with 1 naira, 5 naira, 10 naira and even 20 naira.

Save The Naira

Save The Naira

Our naira does not have value again even in our own country Nigeria. It’s a big shame and embarrassment to fellow Nigerians home or abroad.

Things has gone so high in the international scene and the stock exchange has been dis-valued by our counterpart’s.

The question is- What is really going on in Nigeria?

Why is our economy dropping everyday?

What is Nigeria turning into?

Is Nigeria in the wrong hands?

Is Nigeria fading away gradually?

Is this the end road for Nigeria and Nigerians?

And if the answer is no:

Then what next?

How can fellow Nigerians redeem Nigeria?

Can Nigeria be saved?

What are the rights steps to take?

How can we save the Naira?


Algeria: 1 Dinar = 2 Naira

Angola: 1 Kwanza = 2Naira

Botswana: 1= 18 Naira

Cape Verde: 1 Escudo = 2 Naira

Egypt: 1 Pound = 25 Naira

Eritrea: 1 Nakata = 13 Naira

Ethiopia: 1 Birr = 9 Naira

Ghana: 1 Cedi = 50 naira

Gambia: 1 Dalasi = 5 Naira

Kenya: 1 Shilling = 3 Naira

Liberia: 1r Dinar = 4 Naira

Lesotho 1 Loti = 14 Naira

Libya: 1 Dinar = 146 Naira

Morocco: 1 Dirham = 146 Naira

Madagascar: 1 Ariaey = 4 Naira

Mauritius: 1 Rupee = 6 Naira

Malawi: 1 Kwacha = 11 Naira

Mozambique: 1 Metical = 4 Naira

Namibia: 1 Dollar = 12 Naira

Seychelles: 1 Rupee = 12 Naira

Sudan: 1 Pound = 32 Naira

Swaziland: 1 Lilangeri = 13 Naira

Tunisia: 1 Dinar = 100 Naira

Zambia: 1 Kwacha = 18 Naira

Please fellow Nigerians, let’s join heads together and ” Save The Naira “.

Let’s join Senator Ben Murray Bruce, the  brain behind the ‘Common Sense’ Revolutionary campaign and Save The Naira.

We can achieve this by buying Nigeria’s own goods ie, buying Made In Nigerian products.

Please let’s put heads together as one and save the naira. 1 US Dollar presently is = 400 naira.

I couldn’t bear this again so i decided to write an article on it.


Drop your comments and let’s know your idea or ideas in ‘Saving The Naira’.

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