Rob Kadersian Is At War With His Family- The Kadersian’s!!!

The ‘Keeping Up With The Kadersian’ reality star ( Rob Kadersian) is in a cold war with his families because of his relationship with super Model ‘Blac Chyna’.

Rob Kadersian
Rob Kadersian

Blac Chyna is his elder sister’s best which is Kim Kadersian & she’s also the baby mama to Kylie Jenner’s present boyfriend ‘Tyga the American rapper.


The connection of Rob Kadersian’s girlfriend Blac Chyna is very interesting & it’s no doubt, that’s why his entire family is at war with him. But it seems like Rob does not give a damn about it, because he posted an Instagram photo where he declared himself an orphan.


“When the p***y is good but your family don’t like her so you drop your family and become an orphan” these were Rob Kadersian’s words on Instagram & he captioned it with 3 smiley face emojis.

Rob Kadersian has been defending his girlfriend Blac Chyna in various occasions on social media.

I think he loves his girlfriend, so his family should forget the controversies and accept their only brother back because family is everything.

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