TOPIC: Restitution

TEXT:   Luke 19:1-10


It is said to be an old doctrine, optional to practise, but the truth remains that restitution is a major sign of repentance from a sorry heart.

Restitution is giving back that which was gotten through sin either to the person or the system. Zacchaeus having realised his sins answered Jesus, “Lord, I give half of my goods to the poor; and if i have taken anything from anyone by false accusation, i restore 4 fold”

It is God’s will that as we observe the First Fruit Fasting, we search our hearts and houses for anything gotten (from manipulation or by taking advantage of somebody, or by violence) and return them. Return that book to that library or  person, return that money, return that Child, return that property, return that phone, return, return. Yes return that your repentance be sure and complete. If you hear the voice of the Lord harden not your heart.



Father, i ask for grace today to do total restitution in Jesus name Amen.

Jesus Is Real

Jesus Is Real

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