President Buhari Takes First Step To Islamize- Nigeria!!!

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August 14, 2015 ·


The Nigerian Flag

The Nigerian Flag

President Buhari has called on the Federal Ministry of Education to include two Islamic Studies books written by the late Justice Muhammad Bashir Sambo in the secondary school curriculum for all Federal Government Colleges.

According to The News Agency of Nigeria, President Buhari gave the directive at the weekend in Kaduna while launching the reviewed editions of the books which were first published in 1974.

Represented by Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State.

This is contrary to the Nigerian Constitution. Nigeria as a secular state cannot force students to read Islamic books in a secular School where both Christians and Moslems alike attend.

Before you know, Buhari will make it compulsory for all students to take Islamic Education as a requirement to qualify for obtaining their final certificate.

When some of us have been saying before the 2015 election that the reason why Buhari wants to be president is to Northernise and Islamise Nigeria, but they wouldn’t listen. Now Buhari has set the agenda to begin the Jihad which his great gand fatherq Othman Danfodio carried out in 1844.

History has shown that a similar situation occured in Turkey which was a largely Christian country, but has now being Islamised comprehensively. If Christians and well-& meaning Nigerians do not call Buhari to order, we will regret imposing overzealous Islamic-dominated man as Nigeria’s President.

It is on record that Buhari has said before becoming the President of Nigeria that “both inside and outside me is to Islamise Nigeria”. So now he has gotten the opportunity to impose subtly the premeditated hidden agenda of Islamising Nigeria.

You will also recall that Buhari on assumption in office find it convinient to impose the criminal-minded Detained Boko haram members to be sent to Anambra state despite the protest by the leaders of the Eastern states.

Is it that Nigerians especially the Christians are sleeping? If Jonathan had imposed Christianity to Federal Schools, by now, Nigeria would have been on fire.

Where are the likes of Wole Soyinka and Oby Ekwesili, Obasanjo’s companion? During Jonathan’s era as president, she and other evil Nigerians were always protesting that #Chibokgirls be brought back but since Buhari ursurped power from Jonathan, she and her companions have kept their wide mouths shut forever. This is very unfair for a country of numerous nationalities.

That is why right-thinking Nigerians are calling for the spliting of the country according to ethnic/religious divide.

We call on Christians to protest this oppressive imposition of Islamic books to the young minds in our federal schools. We all are witnesses for what the Boko haram is doing in the country. This is because of thir religious inclination that Nigeria should be Islamised.

Buhari has defended the Boko haram during the tenure of Jonathan that the fight against the Boko haram is a fight against the North. What does suppose to mean?

Do you not see that the unfolding developments are pointing to that direction of Islamising Nigeria?

I know the evil and parochial NIgerians and the APC overzealous members will rain abuses on me, but I want to place it on record that it has been said. So if the Christians are afraid of Buhari because he is a retired General, that is their own. After all, Buhri is not the only General that has ruled the country, so why is he the first to plan for the Islamization of Nigeria, a secular country where the constitution guarantees freedom of Religion?

A word they say is enough for the wise. Christians should open their eyes and go against the plan to force our Christians to study Islamic Education.

Let Buhari introduce his plan in the Northern Islamic State alnd not in the entire country.

Remember the introduction of Sharia. At least that was limitetd to Muslim states even though they didn’t mind the Christian population in those states.

Now is the time to call Buhari to order or we will regret keeping quiet in the face of tyrany. This is really dictatorial.

Remember the significance of the talking drum which is sounding very loud and distict.


Source- Dave Asei

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  1. Churchill Nwankwo

    March 8, 2016 at 1:04 PM

    Buhari may try his best to islamize Nigeria but he will never succeed because God will not allow that to happen to us Christians in Nigeria. When I listen to or hear some of our Igbo politicians criticize Nnamdi Kalu I am not surprised because many of them do not know God. They don’t care about God and they do not want to retain anything about God in their mind because they have been given over to material things of this world. So if they are given option to become a Muslim to make sure they continue to be ministers, governors or even councilors, they will gladly oblige.

    This country need to be divided and I do not understand why the IPOB is asking to go their separate way and it becomes a problem. Yes, freedom may not be free but like Goodluck Jonathan said, we must not shed blood before is given freedom.

    • Mina

      March 13, 2016 at 9:52 AM

      I m with you my dear Churchill Nwankwo, no matter how hard they try, they will never succeed to Islamize Nigeria because God is alive. So let them try and see what happens.

  2. stephen henry

    June 4, 2016 at 11:15 AM

    Nigeria remains indivisible.But for it to be true we must all rise up to stop Buhari .Buhari is carrying out the program of Boko Haram.It is a program of some nothern cliques who are yearning to see their dream of islamizing Nigeria fulfilled.We saw the handwriting clearly written on the wall of Buhari’s devilish plans to islamise the country.Governor Fayose of Ekiti saw it coming and many concerned voices spoke against it but it fell into deaf ears of Nigérians who went ahead to vote for him.Let it be on record that Buhari is carrying out well conceived plans of countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia to Islamise Nigeria.Nigerians have you forgotten so soon the exiled Islamic philosophers of Iran led by the Ayatollah Khomeiny how he stormed and conquired Iran.Today the system he imposed on the Iranians is prospering and has gone beyond the boundaries of Iran.They are encouraging other countries that are sympathisers of Islam to emulate them.It is time for christian religious leaders in Nigeria to speak out expecially the overseer of the Redeemed Church who encouraged hIs pastor member Osibanjor directly or indirectly to the post of vice president.
    The yoruba christians should rise up to condemn this strong willed program of Burari and Tinubu to Islamise Nigeria.If you do not rise up to stop this move when the rain will fall every one will be wet.They say a stitch in time saves nine.

  3. Daniel D

    June 14, 2016 at 5:46 PM

    The Christian minorities in the North cried out to Nigerians christians before the 2015 election to see the evil that was about to befall Nigeria if Buhari is elected president because of his religious fanatism and extrimism, but many Christains could listen especially our southern brothers from the west who turned out to betray the church in Nigeria because their brother, a so called pastor was bought with money by the Northern muslims. God help the Church in Nigeria.

  4. jIJag

    July 6, 2016 at 9:37 PM


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