Peter and Paul (Psquare) Finally breaks up!!!

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It’s obvious that things has not been going on well with the Psquare brothers (Peter and Paul), especially since the demise of their mother who passed on two years ago.

The brothers almost broke up last year after a little misunderstanding that sprung up Last year in Square Villa.

They even called their lawyer to share their properties but the lawyer couldn’t divide the properties because both of them could not come to an agreement of their belongings.

Even their elder brother and manager “Jude Okoye” posted on social media that he’s done with Psquare.

But after God’s intervention and the pleadings of family members and friends, the duo decided to stay together as Psquare.

But the truth is that things have not been going on very well with the duo (Psquare). Because they hardly do things together these days and they hardly post about themselves as (Psquare) on social media.

But rather, they post individual post on social media, ie Peter and Paul and not as Psquare.

Secondly, Peter got two separate endorsement deals from Olympic and Adidas. He got these deals as Peter alone and not as Psquare.

And Peter has been flaunting his own Record Label know as P-Classic and he’s the CEO and he later started his own football management business.

He even did a dance reality show last year known as Dance With Peter (DWP) and Globacom was the sponsor of Peter’s reality show.

Peter did all these without his twin brother “Paul”

And finally this year Paul of Psquare introduced his own Record Label known as Rudeboy’s Records. And he recently signed a new act into the label known as Muno.

Muno just released two singles and he featured the CEO of Rudeboy’s records, Paul of Psquare.


Peter just came into the country ( Nigeria), after touring Europe alone for his football management business. And he’s been posting different pictures of him and international football superstars on Instagram.

Peter posted a 15 seconds videos of him and Mikel Obi when he was in Europe.



Peter just posted an Instagram picture tagged Change and he captioned it with a hash tag “ChangeIsTheConstantThingInLifeButPeopleDontGetIt”. This was six hours ago.

Peter Psquare

Peter Psquare

Fans Comments on Peter's IG Page

Fans Comments on Peter’s IG Page

Fans Comments on Pete's page

Fans Comments on Pete’s page

Comments on Peter's IG page

Comments on Peter’s IG page

Fans comments on Peter's IG

Fans comments on Peter’s IG

And just now, his twin brother Paul Psquare just posted a picture that was suppose to be him (Paul), Peter and their elder brother “Jude” but he cropped Peter out of it and added a picture of a studio in replacement of Peter.

Paul Psquare

Paul Psquare

And he captioned it ” This is where i belong and this is where i stand.  You do music in the studio and not on social media. You have family issues, you discuss them in closed doors and not on social media. Family is family and bloood is blood, if you don’t do family business then who am i to you?”.

Paul Psquare

Paul Psquare

I guess this is the end of the duo, Psquare.

The revelation by their late mother has finally come to pass. Their late mother said if Peter should ever marry Lola Omotayo, who already had kids for Peter back then when the mother was still alive.





Comments on Paul Psquare IG page

Comments on Paul Psquare IG page

Fans Comments on Paul's IG page

Fans Comments on Paul’s IG page

But she made it very clear to them that if Peter marries Lola Omotayo that Psquare will break up and their will be no peace among the brothers and their family.

She said she saw Lola Omotayo in her dreams when Lola was trying to stab and kill Paul Psquare in the dream.

But Peter did not adhere to his late mothers advice because he rushed and married Lola Omotayo immediately after the demise of their mother.

Ever since then, things has be rough in the Okoye’s family. Jude their elder brother and manager, did not attend Peter’s traditional marriage and in return, Peter paid his elder brother back by not attending his own traditional marriage too.


It’s a sad story that after all these years, this how they end up, probably because of the women in their lives.


How did you see this? Kindly share your own view about the happenings in the lives of Psquare, by dropping your comments in the comment box below.

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