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Welcome to a brand new day and week. For the past few days we have been discussing partway to financial freedom, but today we shall discuss partway to all blessing in which finance is included.

And the Lord want us to tell the users of daily compass devotional things that can ascertain your blessing.

1. Avoid ungodly counsel; it may help in the very beginning but the end is always disastrous.

2. Avoid sin; for it is like a cancer that do eat up every nutrient from inside, while the outside looks Nice,  but at the end destroy the whole thing.

3. Avoid distraction; don’t always give time for side talk,  successful people are too busy to listen nor participate in whatsoever discussion that cannot add to their success.

It is the desire of the Lord that you prosper just as your soul prospers… Go this week and be a success…  God bless you.

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