Nigeria’s Songstress ‘Yemi Alade’ Blast Fellow Nigerians On Low Mentality On Instagram!!!

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The Nigerian songstress ‘Yemi Alade’ is upset with the society and their believe system.


She took her anger to her Instagram account to pour it out. It’s about Olajumoke story- from a bread hawker to professional model.


Some people did a write-up on Olajumoke’s family photo & its been trending for a while now. They are saying since the success story of Olajumoke, her husband has been the wife because he’s the one carrying their last daughter everywhere they go & they said it’s not suppose to be so in a Nigerian & African society.

Olajumoke and her family

Olajumoke and her family

“What rubbish is this? Is a woman’s place on the child carrying a child? Did she not carry the child for 9 months already, endure labour alone? So after all this, the husband decides to assist his wife & carry their child, he’s refer to as a wife & is it a thing of same? What i see is a modern family with normal day to day responsibilities and a child to feed but have decided to NEVER GO BACK FROM WHERE THEY ARE COMING FROM- PS for any man to carry this kid the way he does, she must be a real woman in his home”.


To be frank with you guys, i don’t see anything wrong with a man helping his wife out. But the question is, when did they make it compulsory for a woman to carry the child alone?


I don’t really know what’s wrong with people, are they trying to destroy a happy family that was suffering & God has just change their story from Grass to Grace.


Fellow Nigerians please don’t poison the mind of Olajumoke’s husband so he won’t start treating her like a piece of garbage. We should all encourage & support them & not try to destroy the family’s joy & happiness.


Let’s not allow mediocrity to crowd our thoughts, mindset, & believe system. Gone are those days when the African Woman ends up in the kitchen alone. Now things are different in our society & the world at large.


A woman is capable of many things. Women are Doctors, Engineers, Pilots. Soldiers, Accountants, etc. A woman is very useful in the world & we should try to put heads together & fight for gender equality.


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