Nigerian’s Ideal Of No Corruption On Social Media!!!

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If with corruption:



•Dollar was 180, and without corruption Dollar is now 425

•Rice was N8,500 and without corruption it is now N1,850

• Pampers was N1,450 and without corruption it is now N2,850

• Petrol was N87 and available; without corruption it is now N120 and scarce

• Garri was N250, without corruption it is now N500

• Transportation was N500 Lagos- Ibadan, and without corruption it is now N800

• Poor electricity, tariff was not increased during corruption, now about 40% tariff increase without corruption but worse power supply

• Presidency food was N1billion, but without corruption it is now N2billion

• Presidential jets maintenance was N600/year, now N2.5billion in just 4 months without corruption

• Aso Rock clinic maintenance was N500million, now N3.9billion without corruption

• Vice President was paid N75million, for reading just books, without corruption the Vice President will be paid N430million

• We didn’t pay rent to Aso Rock, without corruption we will be paying a rent of N350million to an invisible landlord.

• Rats never ate our budgets, but rats now snuggle fictitious unimaginable figures into our budgets without corruption.


Brothers and sisters, you will agree with me that one way or the other, we need corruption in this country (sarcasm) just before they kill Nigeria with their own brand of packaging corruption.

Open your brains, not all dogs are straight.

Please don’t crucify me o, this is a copied article o. I saw it on Facebook & liked it, so i decided to share it so others can laugh as well.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Nancy

    February 24, 2016 at 10:42 AM

    We don’t need this kind of change

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