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TOPIC: Making Everytime Useful

TEXT: John 9:4,5


In the realm of time, no one is richer than you, but the difference between the rich and poor is the value placed on their 24hrs. 24hrs is an inexplicable raw material of everything. Eg, no matter how gifted, skilled or talented, once a person dies, the person has lost all cos he/she has lost time.

Jesus in our text said, “I must do the work of him that sent me, while it is day; the night is coming when no man can work” There are 3 facts i want to share with you about time; (1) time is common to all men, nobody has more than another and must be spent whether you like it or not, nobody on earth is rich enough to buy back yesterday.(2) time can be quantified, divided and measured, thus we have day and night, yesterday and today, next week and last month, therefore, its use can be measured especially with your accomplishment (3) it is framed, thus we have time frame. You can’t do anything you like at anytime, there is time for everything, if you misplace that; you waste time. Ecc 3 says there is time for everything. Now as youths is a time to bear burdens, for it is good for a person to bear his yoke in his youth. Did you know many achievements in life is time framed, there is an age to partake in the olympics, some exams and scholarship have age limit- be wise. If you value your 24hours it will add value to your life.


Make every seconds count.

Make every seconds count.




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