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TOPIC: Look to Jesus and live


TEXT: Numbers 21:2-9


Good morning, I know you have been enjoying the series on Financial health matters. Today, we start a new Series, enjoy the ride.

Death is everywhere and its effect is increasing day by day. We had wonder why life expectancy has gone so low that we spend millions on our budget on health trying to fight death, but the solution lies in the power of our focus on Him that had conquered death once and for all and that man’s name is JESUS.


With God Everything is Possible

With God Everything is Possible

Look to Jesus and live, this is more than a health advice, it is more than a security tips, its is the best life insurance that you can be covered with.

In the wilderness Moses raised a brass serpent that as many that was marked for death, once they look they will live. Today it is Jesus on the cross and if you look up to him, you will not die.

There is love in sharing, there is love in caring, there is love is giving. Why not show someone today by caring for that person?

Why not show someone love today by giving or providing for that person? You can help somebody by any means, be it food, clothes, shelter, advice, ideas, etc.

The world is a small place and what goes around comes back around, what goes up must surly come down and nothing last forever.

Be nice and share this post because someone out there needs this, yea i agree its a little piece of information but it will save a soul.

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