Jumoke – From A Bread Hawker To A Professional Model.

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The Touching Story Of Olajumoke Sunday Orisaguna.


Jumoke as fondly called by many is a street girl that hawks bread on the street of Lagos.

One faithful day as she hawking her bread, she ran into a video shoot going on. The shoot was for Tinie Tempa. She was standing in the center of the shoot doing nothing. All she wanted was the the fun and nothing else.

She only wanted to stand there and feel the vibes because everyone was cheering in the crowd. Just imagine how a video shoot is in the Streets of Lagos.

As she was standing there unknown to her that she was actually interrupting in the shoot that was going on.

When it came to her notice that she was interrupting the shoot, many asked her to leave the scene and some said she shouldn’t leave. As the debate was going on, TY Bello walked up to her.

From a Bread Hawker To A Professional Model

From a Bread Hawker To A Professional Model

Ty Bello the Popular Photographer and the Crooner of the hit song THE LAND IS GREEN. walked up to her and asked her if she could take pictures of her and she accepted. TY Bello’s reason to take pictures of her was because of an Okada  Rider that was bedside the girl because she thought it would be a good concept for the video.

All TY Bello wanted was that street video with Lagos vibes. One can’t imagine a street video shoot without an Okada Rider in it. So she took the pictures and the girl left the scene.


During the editing of the footage, people around her liked the concept and they were all surprised on how a professional model could carry such a huge bread on her head for a photo shoot. TY Bello was actually surprised and told them that she wasn’t a model but a street bread hawker that interrupted their shoot and she decided to take pictures of her.

Jumoke The Bread Hawker turned model

Jumoke The Bread Hawker turned model


The thought now came to Ty Bello’s mind that she could help this unknown girl and turn  her into a professional model.




After a week, Ty Bello started searching for the girl with no name. She searched and searched and fortunately she found the unknown girl.

She brought the girl into her studio and started taking pictures of her as a Picture model that portrays one thing or the other ( A storyline). And all of a sudden miracles started happening around Jumoke.


Jumoke signed a multi million naira deal to be model for a modelling agency. After that, many endorsement deals started coming in.


A good friend of Ty Bello took it upon himself to provide her an accommodation and also promised to pay all bills educationally.


The most shocking thing about it all is that Jumoke is a mother of two. She’s married with two kids and her second child is just 14months old. Jumoke is a young girl with two kids.


Jumoke is a bread hawker, she does that for a living. The bread doesn’t do much in her life because her gain is just 300 – 500, but she was still hawking the bread because it puts food on her table and she makes little money from there to also take care of her kids.

Jumoke The Bread Hawker

Jumoke The Bread Hawker


The point here is Jumoke was actually doing something and she does it with smiles on her face. She’s neatly dressed whenever she Hawks on the streets, she looks good in her little business.

Jumoke With Her 14months Old baby

Jumoke With Her 14months Old baby

I actually did not crop this picture so you all would believe it’s a true life story and not a make- up story.


Jumoke is not good in spoken English or in writing but it does not matter. She speaks Yoruba fluently and can write in Yoruba too.


Jumoke didn’t stay at home and waited for a miracle, she did something and God located her. Do you remember that verse of the Bible where Jesus said come and i will make you fishers of men.


God said i will bless the works of your hands. This means you should be doing something and still pray for God to bless you because without God’s Blessings on your works, it will not prosper. God said you will prosper as your soul prospers.


No i’m not here to preach the Gospel but i just wanted to state the facts here, in this true life story. Just do what you know how to do best and do it with Joy and Happiness, always pray because prayer is the Master Key, then prepare to receive your miracle/ blessings from God.


Be positive about life and have no doubts because it is written in the Bible that he who have faith that is small as a mustard seed can move “A Mountain “. So prepare yourself and prepare your mind.

Pray for your own TY BELLO to LOCATE YOU, Believe It And It Will Come To Pass.


Be prayerful, be positive, dream big, work hard and GO PROSPER AS YOUR SOUL PROSPERS.. MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

What’s your own view about the whole story? Drop your comments below and let’s know what you feel about Olajumoke’s touching story.

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Picture Source – Ty Bello.

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Nobody To Somebody

Nobody To Somebody

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