Governor Dickson Re- Election

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OPERATIONREELECTDICKSON‬ GOVERNOR DICKSON, A MIRACLE MAN – PART 1This title is very apt and precise to describe the transformation process that is taking place here in the capital city of Yenagoa. , when the first of these series ‘governor Dickson, a miracle man’ came out, a few disgruntled elements were not happy that the good works of the country man governor were highlighted.

Governor Dickson

Governor Dickson

But thank God for the sincere and wise Bayelsans, they appreciate the good works carried out in the state.In fact it is only the blind, deaf and dump that may not know that Bayelsa state is the fastest growing state in the world.Very soon, they will come to understand that the seeds of development that our governor and his deputy are sowing which have started growing will multiply and fill the entire Bayelsa state spectrum and overflow to all parts of Nigeria and beyond. In fact, the unfolding plans of the present administration when implemented fully will provide enough jobs to all our sons and daughters. This is what those who have vision and insight are seeing, so those critics should go ahead and open their arsenals of evil arrows to shoot at the noble performances of the present administration. But good will always triumph over evil.

May be some people want angels from heaven to come and perform magic before they will believe and see the growing developmental projects and best plans of the government taking place right in their faces.

Bayelsa has never had it this good for the past 19 years of its creation by Gen. Sani Abacha in 1996.

Today, we shall look at some aspects of the benefits of the Bayelsa Investment Economic Summit which the countryman governor has attracted to the state twice for the short period ha has occupied the office as a governor which those in the other party did not even dream of while occupying the office for 5 solid years with nothing tangible to show for it, in fact not even the will to drive the economy of our dear state.

Below,we now highlight a few more: The governor has this following to say-


As a consequence of our effort and the huge investment in security, night life and businesses have returned to Yenagoa. Indeed, as a result of the prevailing peace, our state is witnessing an influx of people, families and businesses now relocating to Bayelsa. Tourists and investors are daily streaming into the state.

The peaceful and serene atmosphere pervading the entire State is so strong and contagious that it has attracted many prestigious events such as the International Jazz Festival, African Academy Movie Awards (AMAA), Caribbean African American Nations, (CAAN) Music Awards, African Fashion Reception, the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria(MGBN) pageant (which you will be witnessing the event during your time here at the end of the forum) among others.“ Every month, the state is hosting one major event or the other without any adverse security situation recorded.


While we are battling with funding on-going projects, we are committed to hitting the Atlantic Ocean where our real wealth lies from three flanks. These projects include a road and rail project fromYenagoa – Ekeremor – Agge, a distance of over 110km where a deep seaport will be built. Feasibility studies and preliminary designs have since been commissioned on the deep seaport and are in the process of being finalized. We have surveyed 20,000hectares of land for this support to host a new port city coming up in that vicinity.

Incorporated within this city will be a Free Trade Zone for which the process of obtaining Federal Government approval has commenced.

The second road is the Yenagoa – Ogbia – Nembe – Brass road and rail project a distance of over 105km where series of investments in the Oil & Gas sector will be taken place connecting the East Senatorial Zone. Projects like the renowned Brass LNG project, Brass Fertilizer Project with investment value of $3.3billion and BP/Banner Gas Gas Aggregation Terminal with Mini LNG will all be taken place along this corridor.

With our renewed support and intervention now, our development partners SPDC/NDDC will be able to take the road from Ogbia land in Nembe to December 2014. Though this was not realized till the state government committed a whopping sum of N3b to make it possible for people in the Nembe kingdom to drive to their ancient city.

Where was their so called son now leading the opposition to come back to government house when the Nembe people which he claim to come from demanded that he should complete the road for them? It is on record that this so called son of the soil told the Nembe people point blank that he Ogbia-Nembe road was not economically viable and true to his words, he never did the road for them. But what the prodigal son did not see, the countryman governor saw it differently. How? The foresighted countryman saw the Ogbia-Nembe road as economically viable and so he did not waste time to help the people by connecting the road to the Opu-Nembe and now the people could drive to their ancient Nembe Kingdom.

So the question is – Timipre Sylva who failed to see the Ogbia-Nembe Road as economically viable and deliberately punished the Nembe people by refusing to do the road and the countryman governor who saw the Nembe-Ogbia road as economically viable and committed billions of Naira to connect the people to the rest of the world through road network.

Among Timipre Sylva of the APC and the incumbent governor Henry Seriake Dickson, who is the true son of the Nembe Kingdom? Guess and provide the answer for yourselves.

The third road is the Yenagoa – Oporoma – Koluama road project opening the central senatorial zone and our forest reserves for agricultural business and lumbering.

This government will be committing the state into a PPP arrangement that will enable the completion of these all-important road and rail projects and we seize this opportunity to call on willing partners to co-invest with us on these projects, as the roads when completed will be concessioned and tolled.

Advancement in education

Even more important than physical infrastructure, is our investment in human capital development. At the inception of my government, during my inaugural address, I declared a state of emergency in the educational sector. Knowing the primacy of education as far as the promotion of the economy is concerned, our restoration government in two years has executed major educational programmes, spread across the state, raising real hope of a bright future for our children in the acquisition of quality and requisite education thereby creating a better society.

Today in Bayelsa State, education is free from primary all through to the secondary level. Education is free in every sense of the word as essential materials such as school uniforms; school sandals and textbooks are given to students without a single kobo being paid by them. We have built over 600 primary schools with headmaster’s quarters.

8 model secondary schools and 25 constituency schools with boarding facilities across the state, built from scratch by the restoration government and fully equipped with science laboratories and modern facilities required for 21st century learning. We have in addition re-built and upgraded St. Jude’s Amarata Girls School, the oldest girls’ school in the state and BDGS.

We have expended over N6 billion in the state scholarship programme, where we now have 140 Bayelsans are on fully paid government scholarships to study for PhDs in highly rated Universities in Europe and America. In the last two years since the inception of our government, we have been paying W.A.E.C, G.C.E, N.E.C.O, science & technical practical fees and JAMB fees for all our students in the state, which amounts to the tune of over N3.2b.

It is noteworthy to also mention the State’s partnership with the prestigious Lincoln University, Pennsylvania, which aside from our students learning on its campus, also extend technical assistance and support to the state-owned Niger-Delta University

With these numerous achievements by the countryman governor, why will anyone not vote for him for a second term to complete his good vision and plans for the state?

We urge you all the good and peace loving people of Bayelsa state and all our good friends who have decided to make Bayelsa their home to go out in your numbers and reject the APC whose master has failed woefully for five years he was given the opportunity to freely provide good leadership and vot massively for the countryman governor.

This is the only way to say-thank you, our countryman governor.

Source- Dave Asei

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