E- Money Gives Out Expensive Gifts As Part Of His Birthday Celebration!!!

Yesterday being 18-02-2016 was a very good day for some people and they will forever remember it for the rest of their lives.

Yesterday was the Birthday to the Billionaire, Emeka Okonkwo aka E- Money, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fiverstar Group and Emmy Cargo’s.

To celebrate his birthday party, E- Money gave out some gifts to the public as part of his birthday celebration.

E- Money gives out Expensive gifts
E- Money gives out Expensive gifts

E- Money gave out items such as Fridges, Generators, Gas Cookers etc. He gave them thru his younger brother Kcee Limpopo. Kcee gave the items out on his Instagram page and the criteria for winning is to answer some questions. And the questions were:

1: What year was Five-star Music created and what year did Five-star Music sign their first Artist?

2: What year was SKIIBII signed to Five-star and what is the title of his first single released under five-star music and which state is he from?

3: What is the name of the first single that Harry Songs released under five-star music and where did we discover him?


1: @ods101-  was the first winner of the day and he win a brand new Gas Cooker.

2: @Stephen_echefu – was the second winner of the day and he won a brand new Generator for himself.

3: @topesamuel1 – was is the third winner of the day and he win a brand new fridge for himself.

4: @ife_nkiki – was the fourth winner of the day and she won a brand new Gas Cooker.


Congratulations to the winners and participants of E- Money’s birthday celebration behavior.

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Kindly drop your comments about E- Money’s birthday gifts to the public.


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