David Bowie’s Last Will

It has been reported that the Legend David Bowie’s last will is out, and as everyone expected he left his widow wife Iman with almost half of his property and the other half goes to his children respectively. His children Duncan Jones (44) and Alexandria Jones (15) are both set to get $25 million each.

David Bowie's last will.

David Bowie’s last will.

I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t be Bowie’s final will if he didn’t give out some of his assets to some good strangers turned family.He gave Duncan’s long time nanny Marion Skene $1 and his loyal assistant Corinne Schwab $2 million each.

Lastly, Bowie asked that his cremated remains be spread in Bali, a place that he had a deep attachment to.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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