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Topic: Let your Ishmael Go

Text:  Gen 21:8-12

God is not slack in fulfilling His said promises because He is not a man that he should lie. There are two types of testimonies. Which is:

1, Gotten from man and

2, Gotten from God.

Testimonies gotten from man is a type that is induced, calculated and executed by a man. Just like the birth of  Ishmael, such testimony have no link to God and can be lost easily. It causes pain and it will deprive the fulfillment of Gods own testimony. The reverse is same is for Gods own testimony where God now establish a covenant with the recipient of His testimony.

Seek and wait for your Issac and send your Ishmael away. Everything not given to you by God is an Ishmael , don’t help God. Always know that there is no man without God but there will always be God without man.

Again i say send your Ishmael away. This is a hard saying but worthy of note. Shalom.

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