Compass For Today- The Seed And The Bread.

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God Is Able to do All Things

God Is Able to do All Things


TOPIC: The seed and the bread

TEXT: Isaiah 55:10


One major problem today Christians face, is the inability to differentiate between seed and bread. Seed is meant for sowing and bread for eating. If you eat your seed, you have successfully eaten tomorrow’s harvest and when you sow your bread you may not be alive to wait for tomorrow’s harvest.

What then is seed?

Seed is the little portion of fruit that possess the ability to produce the whole fruit. So if what you have is too small compare to what you are expecting then its a seed, sow it. If you have some added benefit at work, favoured money like scholarship e.t.c, sow it, its your seed. Afterall you could as well survived if that blessing didn’t come. Sowing here simply means investing; this can range from using it to start a business, buying shares to meeting some pressing needs in your local church.                                          Don’t eat your seed, if you do, you are eating your tomorrow.

Remain bless.


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