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Compass For Today

TOPIC: Commercialize your giftings


TEXT: 1Sam 17: 25-28


It is only spiritual gifts that was given to you to profit withal, every other gifts, talents e.t.c is God’s plan to make you rich, for if the farmer doesn’t take his/her farm produce to the market, he/she remain subsistent. Let God’s wisdom direct you Now.

When a person sings in church, is to profit withal, when that same person launches an album…, when a person contributes to his/her local church’s bulletin, is to profit withal but when the same person submits an article to a local Newspaper…

David had killed the bear and Lion in the bush without any gain or profit but coming to face Goliath, he asked, ”what shall be done to the man who kills this giant” invariably, he was saying, ‘It is high time I sold my talent’ I will not forget the note on the door post of the ELF-Nigeria Human resource manager,the day I visited him.

On his door was written ”here we buy Ideas” then I ask users of COMPASS, Are you ready to sell Ideas? For they are many  ready to buy and pay for them. Beloved, don’t you think it is high time you commercialized your talent?                                        REMAIN BLESSED!!!

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