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TOPIC: a supernatural man

TEXT: Daniel 2:1-46

All men are naturally equal by birth but classed by status, all Christians are equal by salvation but classed by grace. This demarcation has been there since the foundation of civilization. But i have come to realise that supernatural men are higher than all classes of men; men who live above the natural.

Verse 46 of our text reads, “then King Nebuchadnezzar threw himself down before Daniel and worshiped him…” A king (the ruling class) worshipped a young supernatural man, why?& how?

Daniel knew how to gain entrance into the realm of the spirit via prayers and wait patiently to have God speak to him through dreams. Many of us Christians haven’t completely understood that not all dreams are mere dreams, some or most depending on your prayer life are visions of the night. Stop ignoring your dreams. Many have died like mere men because of that, many have faced much more difficulty in life because of this issue.

Imagine if Jesus father, Joseph was like some of us today, who dream and ignore them, then Jesus would have been killed by Herod as early as childhood. Destiny are chased, collected and even destroyed because many live only in the natural. A supernatural man isn’t him that can perform all kinds of miracle alone but also include one who can see and get interpretation of his or her dreams. Start living a supernatural life from today; notice your dream and pray about them. If you can’t interpret yours like King Nebuchadnezzar then look for the many Daniels, that God has on earth to interpret them. I suggest you start from today’s dream if you had one.

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