A Japanese Actor- Diago Kashino was stabbed to Death During Rehearsal’s

A sad thing happened in Japan on Monday when a Japanese actor- Diago Kashino died during a rehearsal for an upcoming play.

Diago Kashino was 33 years old when he passed. Diago was killed by a 73- centimetre- long Samurai Sword during the rehearsal’s on Monday morning.

Diago Kashino died during a fight rehearsal's

Diago Kashino died during a fight rehearsal’s

Diago Kashino was rushed to the hospital immediately after the incident, but he died several hours later.

There is an ongoing investigation’s by the police. The police said an autopsy would be done so as to find the actual cause of Diago Kashino’s death.

The police wants to find out if it was an accident or if Diago Kashino was actually killed or murdered by someone.

There were other actors there in the scene before Diago Kashino died. An eye witnesse said the Samurai Sword went straight into Diago’s abdomen.

The Sword used during the fight rehearsal’s was supposed to be a mock one and not a real one. So they wonder why it actually Pierced into Diago’s abdomen and killed him.

Maybe someone replaced the mock sword with the real one before the rehearsal’s. Maybe someone that wants his dead.


That was how actor, Brandon Lee ( Son of Bruce Lee) was shot dead in filming a movie crow in USA in 1993.

The bullet used in the filming was suppose to be a mock one. So it was likely that Brando Lee was murdered by an enemy. But the case didn’t go far because Brandon’s mother was highly compensated.


Wow, this is really sad story.

Rest In Peace Diago Kashino.

Picture Source- CNN

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