A Church In Tanzania Where The Pastor Stands On-Top Of His Members To Preach The Gospel.

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Wonders they said will never seize to end. This Life is full of ups and downs and we all need to be very careful of everything. We need to be careful of the things we do, things  we say and and what we believe in.

It has been said that the END TIME IS NEAR, many people believe and many don’t believe it. What we see in churches these days makes one to pounder and wonder the activities that goes on in various Churches.



An African Church in Tanzania where a Pastor stands on top of his members to preach the Gospel because his feet’s are not suppose to touch the ground. That’s what he made his members to believe. His feet’s are will not touch the ground because he is a Pastor, a preacher and an Evangelist.

One with such powers are should stand on top of his members (Workers) to deliver the Gospel.

I don’t really know what to say about this because I’m speechless and dumbfounded. What i read from the Bible is different from what is happening in Churches these days.



Please everyone should comment on this, share your own view on this act and let’s see how it goes round.

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Pastor stands On-Top of his members.

Pastor stands On-Top of his members.

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