The beginning of the end of Psquare.

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After the fight that went down between the Psquare brothers early last year, a cold war has been going on between the Psquare brothers and things has really changed. The Psquare brothers before now do their things together and as one but it doesn’t look like that these days anymore because they do their things separately or individually now. And they are still pretending to be like one and not two. Let me take you guys back to their song ‘Busy Body’ remix when they said Peter and Paul them be one no be two, but it doesn’t seem that way again.

Just last year, Peter got two endorsement deals from Olympic and Adidas. But i was thinking that Psquare was the brand name and not Peter or Paul. And i also remember when GLO threatened to drop them if they split during the fight because they said that they made Psquare their brand ambassadors and not Peter or Paul. But these days, things are not like that anymore because one of them can get an endorsement deal without the other.

Peter of Psquare in London with the great footballer Samuel Eto for his Football businessLater on, Peter of the Psquare brothers flaunts his own Record Label called P-CLASSIC and he is the CEO. And this year, Peter of Psquare also started a football management business known as P-CLASSIC FOOTBALL MANAGEMENT So it is now obvious that there is no joint assets between the Psquare brothers anymore. And before now, it use to be Square Records and not P-CLASSIC or RUDEBOY RECORDS.

And all of a sudden, Peter of Psquare started his own reality show called DANCE WITH PETER and it keeps ringing in my head why it is called Dance with Peter and not Dance with Psquare? even
if Peter dances more and has more interest than Paul.

Paul of Psquare later flaunts his own Record Label this year known as Rudeboy Records and has already signed an artiste called Muno and Muno is about to release his first singles under Rudeboy Records.


When the bond was still strong



Psquare as ONE and not TWO

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Who will be more successful if Psquare broke up. Peter or Paul?



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  2. tygervivian@gmail.com

    January 31, 2016 at 6:13 PM

    peter cos his got bussiness ideas.

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