Peter will be more successful if Psquare breaks up – Personal thoughts

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Who will be more famous- Peter or Paul?

The Psquare brothers

The Psquare brothers

If Psquare should break-up, who will be famous and who will maintain the fame?
Personally, i think it’s Peter because Paul does not want to step up his game and his big brother Peter has all the fans, he has got all the swags and doings. Imagine Peter has about 917k followers on Instagram and about 1million plus followers on Twitter, while Paul has about 423k followers on Instagram and about 470k followers on Twitter. Do you see the difference? Also Peter has more likes in almost all their post on social media than his little brother Paul.

I think Paul should step up his game because his brother Peter has left him behind. From the very start, it was Paul that does music and Peters own talent or gift was and is still dancing. Paul wrote and recorded almost all their songs and it was still Paul that wrote and recorded their very first song ever, tilted LAST NIGHT and that was the Birth of Psquare.

Up till date, Paul writes, produces and records all their songs including the hits songs they had. Peters job was to choreograph their dance steps. Recently Paul stopped dancing in shows and in their videos which was very bad for him because his brother Peter is taking advantage of it. Now Peter has started his own reality show known as Dance With Peter (DWP) and Paul is left out, while Peter is making it big without his brother Paul on the show.

So in my own opinion, if Psquare breaks up, Peter will continue his reality show Dance with Peter (DWP) and his football management business which is also known as P-CLASSIC FOOTBALL MANAGEMENT (PCFM) and still do music. Even if he does not know how to write good songs, he will pay people to do the writing for him and it is no big deal because we have many underground writers today in the music industry.

Finally, my advice to Paul is for him to step up his game because Peter and Paul dem be two now and no be one again o.

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Who will be more successful if Psquare broke up. Peter or Paul?




  1. tygervivian@gmail.com

    January 31, 2016 at 6:00 PM

    nice post. i c d possibility too.

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